Your question: Why is it called skier’s thumb?

The torn ligament makes gripping and pinching painful, and joint instability can lead to arthritis over time. This is the type of injury that occurs when gripping a ski pole that gets stuck, hence the name skier’s thumb. Chronic UCL injuries are called gamekeepers thumb.

What is another name for skier’s thumb?

Skier’s thumb, also known as gamekeepers thumb, is an injury to the metacarpal phalangeal joint of the thumb.

Where did gamekeepers thumb get its name?

Gamekeeper’s thumb is an insufficiency of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint of the thumb. Campbell originally coined the term in 1955 because the condition was most commonly associated with Scottish gamekeepers (especially rabbit keepers) as a work-related injury.

What is a skier’s thumb?

Skier’s thumb is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint (MCPJ) which has a serious risk of disabling chronic instability if not treated adequately. The lesion most often occurs in skiers when the ski pole forces the thumb to deviate radially.

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What happens if you don’t treat skier’s thumb?

The reason that you want to take care of this is it can lead to a chronic instability of that joint, meaning that you’re no longer able to fully use your thumb as a post because of non-healing of the ligament. So the typical course of treatment is in a non-operative setting, which is the vast majority, is a brace.

What does skier’s thumb feel like?

Skier’s Thumb Symptoms

Inability to grasp or weakness of grasp between your thumb and index finger. Tenderness to the touch along the index finger side of your thumb. Blue or black discoloration of the skin over the thumb. Thumb pain that worsens with movement in any or all directions.

How long does it take to recover from skier’s thumb?

At some point as you recover, your provider will ask you to begin exercises to regain movement and strength in your thumb. This may be as soon as 3 weeks or as long 8 weeks after your injury. When you restart an activity after a sprain, build up slowly. If your thumb begins to hurt, stop using it for a while.

Do they cast gamekeeper’s thumb?

Treatment of Skier’s/Gamekeeper’s Thumb (UCL Tear)

Following surgery, the patient will wear a brace or cast for another 6 weeks, and orthopedist-prescribed physical therapy will follow to restore range of motion and reduce pain or swelling.

How common is gamekeeper’s thumb?

How common is gamekeeper’s thumb? Gamekeeper’s thumb accounts for close to 85% of all treated injuries to the base of the thumb, and it is the second most common injury reported as a result of skiing. It can also occur in sports involving bats, or in a fall from a bicycle or motorcycle.

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What is the UCL in the hand?

The ulnar collateral ligament to the thumb is a complex ligament, comprised of the UCL proper and the accessory UCL. Together, they stabilize the thumb for pinch and grip activities; without this ligament, you would have very little pinch or grip strength and very poor overall dexterity.

Is skier’s thumb painful?

With skier’s thumb, the ligament is stretched or torn (sprained). This can cause pain. It can also limit movement and use of the thumb. Depending on how severe the injury is, it may take a few weeks or longer for the thumb to heal.

Will skier’s thumb heal on its own?

This gives your thumb ligaments enough time to heal. Even in cases of a completely torn ligament, immobilization may be enough for proper healing. We order an MRI to evaluate your tear. If it’s in a good healing position, it may heal on its own without surgery.

What do you do with a skier’s thumb?

Skier’s thumb is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament.

Treating skier’s thumb

  1. Prescription or over-the-counter medicines. These help reduce pain and swelling. …
  2. A splint, brace, or cast. This is worn to support your thumb and keep the thumb from moving. …
  3. Physical therapy and exercises. …
  4. Surgery.

What is a UCL tear in thumb?

When the thumb is forcefully bent sideways away from the rest of the hand, it can tear a ligament called the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). The torn ligament makes gripping and pinching painful, and joint instability can lead to arthritis over time.

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What is an unstable thumb?

The instability is characterized by varying and often progressive dislocation of the joint surfaces, resulting in a displaced axis of rotation and abnormal actions of thumb muscles. The main consequence of the instability is most often pain and weakness, most notably during pinch and grasping actions.

Can you ski with a broken finger?

Yes you have to wear splint all the time for minimum 4 weeks. ideally you should not be skiing, you may get hurt again.