Why do skiers use flat and broad skies?

The skiers use flat and long skies to slide on the snow, because larger the area of cross-section, the lesser is the pressure on the snow. Hence, a skier can easily slide on the snow without sinking his feet in it.

Why the skiers use flat and broad skis?

The skiers use flat and broad skis to ski on the snow. The larger surface of skis reduces pressure on snow and helps them to slide instead of sinking.

Why do skiers use flat skies?

skiers use long flat skies becoz … more space less pressure. the skies are long so they less in reducing the pressure exerted by skies on snow.

Why do skiers use flat skies to slide over snow?

Physical Science

Due to long flat skis, the area of contact is larger. This reduce the pressure (P ∝ 1/A) exerted by the skier on the snow to enabling the skier to slide over the snow without sinking. For similar reason, it is easier to walk on muddy road if we have flat shoes rather than shoes with sharp heels.

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Why is the base of the ski board made broad?

The base of the skiboard is made broad to reduce the pressure applied on the snow. Explanation: … This increased area will reduce the pressure applied by the board on the snow.

Why are skiing board so long and broad?

Question: Why do skiers have long and flat boards as skis? Answer: Skiers use flattened board so that larger the surface area , lower the pressure , so that the skier slides on the snow rather than sinking in it .

Why do skis have a large area?

Skis have a large area to reduce the force on the snow. Skis have a large area to reduce the pressure on the snow.

Why is the foundation of a building made very wide as compared to its walls?

Answer:The foundation of the buildings is made wider than the walls in order to decrease the pressure of the building at its base and prevent the building from sinking. Explanation: The wider foundation has more surface area which helps to decrease the pressure .

Why is it difficult to cut vegetables with a blunt knife 8?

ANSWER: It is difficult to cut vegetables with a blunt knife because it has more area compared to a sharp knife, which means that the pressure exerted by the blunt knife is less than that of the sharp knife.

Why are skis called skis?

The word ski comes from the Old Norse word skíð which means “cleft wood”, “stick of wood” or “ski”. … In Norwegian this word is usually pronounced [ˈʂiː].

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What is the bottom of a ski made of?

The base of your skis are built of a material called ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) and are generally only a millimeter or two thick. Ski bases utilize a “sintered” UHMW that has tiny pores that accept wax, allowing an improved glide across the snow.

Is ski an English word?

Ski is a Norwegian word that has become an English foreign loan word.