Quick Answer: How do you fix skier’s thumb?

Can skier’s thumb heal on its own?

This gives your thumb ligaments enough time to heal. Even in cases of a completely torn ligament, immobilization may be enough for proper healing. We order an MRI to evaluate your tear. If it’s in a good healing position, it may heal on its own without surgery.

How long does it take to heal skier’s thumb?

At some point as you recover, your provider will ask you to begin exercises to regain movement and strength in your thumb. This may be as soon as 3 weeks or as long 8 weeks after your injury. When you restart an activity after a sprain, build up slowly. If your thumb begins to hurt, stop using it for a while.

What happens if you don’t treat skier’s thumb?

The reason that you want to take care of this is it can lead to a chronic instability of that joint, meaning that you’re no longer able to fully use your thumb as a post because of non-healing of the ligament. So the typical course of treatment is in a non-operative setting, which is the vast majority, is a brace.

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How does skier’s thumb happen?

Skier’s thumb is most often caused by a fall on an outstretched hand. Skiers tend to get this injury, which is how the condition gets its name. But the injury can also occur as the result of any activity or accident that forces your thumb into an extreme position.

How do you wrap a skier’s thumb?

Position the thumb in a relaxed position similar to the way you would hold it over a keyboard. Starting near where your anchor ended, lay the strip over the MCP joint, form a loop around the thumb, and then wrap so it ends where your anchor started (it should form a shape like the generic awareness ribbons).

How do I strengthen my thumb ligaments?

Thumb IP flexion

  1. Place your forearm and hand on a table. Your problem thumb should point up.
  2. With your other hand, hold your thumb steady just below the joint nearest your thumbnail.
  3. Bend the tip of your thumb down. Then straighten it.
  4. Repeat 8 to 12 times.
  5. Do this exercise several times a day.

How do you treat Jersey fingers?

The treatment of Jersey finger is primarily surgical and conservative management is only considered when surgery cannot be performed due to complications. Surgical management is definitive management and should be performed as early as possible, usually within 3 weeks of injury.

What does a torn thumb feel like?

Swelling at the base of the thumb. Stiffness. Tenderness of the thumb, towards the palm of your hand. If the ligament is completely torn, the end of the torn ligament may cause a lump on the thumb.

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Is UCL thumb surgery painful?

Most patients have minimal pain by 6 weeks after surgery, with nearly full thumb and hand motion by 3 months. Your symptoms will continue to improve by working in therapy. It is important that you consistently work with your therapist to optimize motion and strength after surgery.

What does skier’s thumb look like?

Skier’s Thumb Symptoms

Swelling of your thumb. Inability to grasp or weakness of grasp between your thumb and index finger. Tenderness to the touch along the index finger side of your thumb. Blue or black discoloration of the skin over the thumb.

What is keeper thumb?

Gamekeeper’s thumb is an insufficiency of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint of the thumb. Campbell originally coined the term in 1955 because the condition was most commonly associated with Scottish gamekeepers (especially rabbit keepers) as a work-related injury.

What is an unstable thumb?

The instability is characterized by varying and often progressive dislocation of the joint surfaces, resulting in a displaced axis of rotation and abnormal actions of thumb muscles. The main consequence of the instability is most often pain and weakness, most notably during pinch and grasping actions.

What is another name for skier’s thumb?

Skier’s thumb, also known as gamekeepers thumb, is an injury to the metacarpal phalangeal joint of the thumb.

What is a UCL tear in thumb?

When the thumb is forcefully bent sideways away from the rest of the hand, it can tear a ligament called the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL). The torn ligament makes gripping and pinching painful, and joint instability can lead to arthritis over time.

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