Question: What is a pole plant in skiing?

What does a pole plant do?

Pole plants are a useful tool everywhere on the mountain, but they really shine in off-piste skiing. When skiing off-piste terrain, a blocking pole plant is particularly helpful because they keep your upper body from accelerating downhill so you can dictate your turns on steep terrain.

Do ski poles help you turn?

As your skiing improves, you’ll find poles are great for aiding your balance and rhythm as you execute parallel turns, especially when tackling more challenging terrain such as moguls. A pole plant with the ‘downhill’ pole gives you something to turn around, which is really helpful for executing shorter turns.

Do downhill skiers use poles?

Short answer: no. A good or advanced skier can ski down any ski trail with or without poles. However, poles are used to help skiers with timing and balance when making more advanced turns on more challenging terrain.

How do you teach kids to ski with poles?

Make sure your child is keeping their hands up in front of them, like they are holding the steering wheel of a car. 2. Make sure their poles are slanted and pointing behind them, close to their legs, not pointing out to the side like wings or straight up and down in front of them.

How long should ski poles be?

1. Calculating the ski pole length by formula

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Body size Length of ski pole
155 – 161 cm 110 cm
162 – 168 cm 115 cm
169 – 175 cm 120 cm
176 – 182 cm 125 cm