How many thermals do I need for a week skiing?

More than three pairs of thermal tops and bottoms: You can exchange them out every other day. You can even plan to wash if need be on the off day. I’d pack one heavy pair of thermals and a zip type shirt and one slightly thinner pair should it be warm.

How many thermals do you need for skiing?

If you can’t be bothered with washing, three pairs will just about see you through a normal week. Wool-based base layers, such as those made by Ice Breaker, get less whiffy, but aren’t quite as good at keeping you dry. You might just get away with one pair over the course of a week: but you’re better off with two.

How many sets of thermals do I need?

You should invest in at least 2 pairs of thermal hats for winter season. Head protection is important when you are out doing activities. Cold winds attacking your forehead can cause a headache. You need two pairs to have one hat to wear all the time.

How many base layers do I need skiing?

Now that we’ve built the base for your skiing experience, it’s time to add new layers to your body. A rule of thumb is that every skier has three layers of clothes on their body. You should follow this rule in every type of weather but make sure that you put on different materials in line with the conditions out there.

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Do I need thermals for skiing?

Because you are going to be relatively far from shelter, it is critical that you have “thermal” underwear and breathable outer shell that helps keep you warm and dry. Synthetics or merino wool will do.

Do ski socks go over or under thermals?

I would recommend wearing the thermals over underwear especially since you probably want to wear them a few days without washing 🙂 Socks go over the thermals to help keep snow out. Generally you probably want to max out at three layers – a thermal layer, a light ski top or fleece and then a ski jacket.

What to take for a weeks skiing?

You can read all about the fundamentals of dressing for cold weather with our handy Quick Guide: What to wear for skiing.

  • Helmet (unless you’ve opted to rent one)
  • Ski gloves.
  • Ski jacket.
  • Ski trousers (aka salopettes)
  • Fleece.
  • Thermal tops.
  • Thermal underwear.