Frequent question: Where do you fly to for skiing in Andorra?

The closest airports to Soldeu and the other Grandvalira resorts in Andorra are Toulouse in France, and Girona and Barcelona in Spain. Private transfers from the airport to the ski resort are easily arranged and take between 2 and 3 hours.

What airport do you fly into for Andorra?

Andorra does not have an international airport. The closest airports in Spain are La Seu d’Urgell, Barcelona, Lleida, Reus and Girona. The nearest airports in France are Toulouse, Carcassonne and Perpignan. Most offer coach or minibus service to Andorra.

Which UK airports fly to Andorra?


Airlines Flying from the UK & Ireland to Barcelona, Toulouse & Girona
Barcelona (BCN) Toulouse (TLS)
Liverpool Easyjet / Ryanair
London Gatwick Monarch / Easyjet / British Airways / Vueling / Norwegian / Iberia Easyjet
London Heathrow British Airways / Iberia British Airways

Is skiing in Andorra any good?

Andorra is a great destination for family ski holidays, although Pas de la Casa may not suit families with young children. The resorts have plenty of gentle green and blue runs to help build the confidence of the little ones and the English speaking ski schools are some of the best in Europe.

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How long is the transfer from Toulouse to Andorra?

Toulouse Airport transfers vary in duration: – A transfer from Toulouse Airport to Canillo, Pas de la Casa and Soldeu takes approximately 2-3 hours. – Transfers from Toulouse Airport to Andorra La Vella and Ordino take around 3 hours.

Is Andorra border open?

Are the borders open? Yes. The Andorran, Spanish and French authorities have taken no measures to close the borders and movement into the country. The Government of Andorra is therefore currently applying no restrictions on entering the country, nor on the movement of people and vehicles around its territory.

Is Andorra expensive?

The cost of living in Andorra is on par with affordable Spanish cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Especially for things like accommodation, transportation, food and utilities, Andorra’s cost of living tends to be 30% below what you’d expect in major world cities.

Can you fly direct to Andorra from UK?

Although there are no direct flights to Andorra, it can be reached by flying to Barcelona, Girona, Toulouse, Lleida or Perpignan.

How do I get to Andorra from UK?

Andorra has no rail station or airport, but it’s easy to get there by Eurostar from London to Paris, Intercités de Nuit overnight train from Paris to l’Hospitalet près l’Andorre (the station closest to Andorra) and then by road through the Pyrenees into Andorra la Vella.

What UK airports fly to Toulouse?

Flights to Toulouse from UK

UK airport Airline Average flight time
London Gatwick easyJet 2hr
London Gatwick TUI 2hr
London Stansted Ryanair 2hr
Bristol easyJet 1hr 45m
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Is skiing in Andorra expensive?

Andorra is increasing in costs as they are pushing to give the areas a new look but they are still cheap in comparasion to France, Eating out and drinking varys from resort to resort but isn’t too expensive. If you are travelling to Pas De La Casa, Soldeu or El-tarter the Grandvalira ski pass is expensive.

Is Andorra good for skiing beginners?

Soldeu features some extensively linked slopes that provide ample terrain for any skier to enjoy. While this ski resort in Andorra is more of a high-end ski resort, it’s known to be a great destination for non-skiers, beginners, and intermediate skiers.

Can you ski in Andorra at Christmas?

December marks the beginning of the Andorra ski season, so you can expect far quieter pistes than if you visited in February or March. This means shorter queuing times on the ski lifts, plus fewer people to avoid as you soar down the slopes.