Frequent question: How do you spray snow when skiing?

Once you’re feeling more confident, start edging harder and extend your legs during the slash in order to spray more of that sweet stuff into the air. To regain control during the slash, simply pull your extended legs back under your body and exit the slash.

What is a smear turn in skiing?

Smearing is skidding a turn in powder, which just wasn’t possible on narrow skis. Skidding—or drifting—gives you options. At speed, it allows you to delay a turn—to avoid an obstacle, for instance.

What is Slarving in skiing?

The schmear, also called the “slarve” — sliding carve — was made popular by Shane McConkey when rockered skis first emerged. While a normal turn makes an arc in a continuous C-shape, a slarve adds a downhill drift at the end of the turn.

Is slush A snow?

Slush is a mix of snow, ice, water, dirt, and salt usually gray or black in color.

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