You asked: How much do ski reps get paid?

How do you become a ski rep?

The key qualities required to work as a ski rep are experience of working with groups of secondary school-aged children in a residential setting. You must also have excellent organisational abilities, first class customer service skills and, of course, skiing/snowboarding experience in a European ski resort.

How much do you make working at a ski hill?

Ski Resort Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Operations Manager Range:$43k – $74k Average:$51,500
Information Technology (IT) Manager Range:$64k – $81k Average:$67,942
Executive Chef Range:$60k – $81k Average:$66,000
Food and Beverage Director Range:$57k – $81k Average:$63,000

How many hours do ski reps work?

Working hours

Reps often work very long and unsocial hours. Working 12 or more hours a day, six days a week, is not uncommon, especially if there are long airport delays – which can occur on a regular basis.

What are the duties of a ski rep?

Reps in any holiday business are the main point of contact in resort for paying clients. You will be expected to troubleshoot problems, deal with difficult requests and usually sell ‘in resort extras’ like après ski events, which you will normally have to organise and run as well.

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What is a winter sport rep?

The job of the Resort Representative or ‘Rep’ is to make sure that all of the holidaymakers are ready to hit the slopes on the first day of their holiday and are also going home happy at the end of it. As the name suggests – you are the face of the company to the customer.

What is a resort rep?

A resort representative looks after groups of holidaymakers, usually abroad, dealing with problems, selling trips and organising activities. They are also called holiday reps.

How much money do Lifties make?

#1: Lift Operator

It pays minimum wage, which generally ranges from $11-12 per hour. Many resorts supply their “lifties” with passes for their off days. You will also deal with frustration, though, as you dust off the chair for all those people having the best powder day of the season while you work.

What is a ski tech?

The Ski Rental Delivery Technician (AKA “Ski Tech”) is responsible for assembly of packs, loading of vans, delivery of equipment to Guests, and working with Guests on equipment swaps (if necessary). … During the ski day, the Ski Tech will also meet Guests on the slopes to perform swap- outs as and when needed.

Why do you want to work at a ski resort?

The coveted season pass is the reason most people look for work at a ski resort, according to a great number of Glassdoor reviews. It’s the way that self-titled “ski bums” support their passion for skating down icy slopes.

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How long are ski season jobs?

Working in a ski resort is a great way to spend the winter months. Every year thousands of people work a ski season in the European Alps and other worldwide ski destinations. Ski resort jobs offer a unique seasonal employment experience lasting for anything from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Can you make money on a ski season?

Most jobs pay very little, but the benefits you get (accommodation, season lift pass, ski rental etc.) generally make well up for it and your monthly income essentially becomes beer money. … Be savvy – find the bars that have the best seasonnaire discounts, happy hours and general low prices and make the most of them!

Can I work a ski season after Brexit?

Yes, it is! A part of my role in S.B.I.T (Seasonal Businesses in Travel) we have released this summary of what has changed to make this possible. … We have also been working closely with the French and UK authorities to enable UK staff to continue to work a ski season in the Alps.